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Fact Check: Office recycling myths busted

Sep 21, 2022
Did you know your office could contribute to the creation of new products and jobs? The only thing holding you back is your belief in these myths...

A double take at print myths: Are color prints much more expensive?

Sep 14, 2022
Of course, color printing and copying used to be more expensive than monochromatic printing and copying. However, you may be operating under an outdated assumption if you still operate under this misconception.

Fact or Fiction? 3 AP Automation myths and why you should ignore them

Sep 7, 2022
There are tons of myths surrounding AP automation and its functions. We're here to debunk them so that you're business can thrive.

Are you confident in your disaster recovery plan?

Sep 1, 2022
Anything that brings your network down or wipes out even part of your data can cripple your entire operation. Without a strong disaster recovery plan, you’ll be scrambling for high ground when disaster strikes.

Things you probably didn't know you could do with a printer!

Aug 25, 2022
Do you want to give your printed materials a professional touch? We've got you covered.

XM Fax™ is your new solution to the end of traditional fax.

Aug 17, 2022
While the fax machine may be becoming obsolete, faxing certainly isn’t. Here's why.

Make the most of CARES Act funding before September 2022

Aug 10, 2022
Add education technology to your back-to-school shopping list!

Why hackers love office printers and 4 ways to secure them

Aug 4, 2022
It is all too easy to forget about printers, stuck away in the corner of the office. But this makes them an easy source for a security breach.