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Office Phone Systems

Phone systems have come a long way since the traditional Private Branch Exchange, (PBX), days. Today, phone systems have become Unified Communications, (UC), platforms that combine voice, video, collaboration, IM and mobility into one seamless architecture. Milner provides phone systems and Unified Communications solutions from Mitel, the leading manufacturer in the marketplace. With a broad selection to draw from, we are uniquely able to consult with our customers and to develop the platform that works best for them. With solutions ranging from traditional premise based equipment deployments to cloud based deployments, we have a solution for every organization.

Cloud based Phone Systems

  • Office PhonesCOST: Turn your equipment capital expenditure, (CAPEX), into a monthly predictable operational expense, (OPEX)
  • SCALABILITY: Quickly scale your system up and down based on business needs
  • ADMINISTRATION: Removes the complexity of moves, adds and changes
  • UPGRADES: With nothing to maintain there is no need to worry about hardware or software upgrades
  • FEATURES: New features and applications are easy to add and swiftly deployed
  • CARRIER: Eliminates costly dial tone and long distance charges

Premise-based Phone Systems

  • COST: Over the long haul, premise based solutions typically cost less than cloud based solutions
  • CONTROL: Maintain full control over communications with onsite equipment, hardware and management
  • MAXIMIZE: Ability to leverage current investments in mainline business integrations
  • SECURITY: Ensure compliance with security or privacy requirements
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: VOIP Hybrid systems are the solution for customer not read for a full VOIP deployment

Hybrid Phone Systems

  • ADAPTABLE: Hybrid solutions combine the best of premise and cloud based solutions
  • FLEXIBLE: Deploy a premise based solution at your HQ location where your IT resources are concentrated and deploy cloud based solutions at remote offices
  • SEAMLESS HAND OFF: Smooth operations between onsite and cloud systems with feature parity
  • BALANCE: Use the cloud for dynamic applications, (such as collaboration), and use a premise based platform for more static, mission critical core communications
How much are your office phone systems costing you? With the right communications solution, you can dramatically lower both capital expenditures and operational costs. Contact us for a free onsite analysis.
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