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Audio/Visual Equipment

Integrated A/V Equipment

An integrated audio visual system provides you with the ability to communicate ideas on a larger scale – about yourself, your company, your products and your services. Milner’s team of technology consultants work with you to develop a unique A/V solution for your company. We use A/V equipment from the top manufacturers, ensuring that you are provided with reliable and powerful communication tools. 

Our audio visual equipment can be easily controlled through your company network. This makes it easy on your IT department to keep your A/V equipment running smoothly, maintain systems, monitor use and ensure necessary software is kept up to date – all with minimal hassle.

Audio visual equipment in conference room

Conference room design and integration:

  • Large-format displays
  • Noise and vibration control
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Digital signage
  • Wireless media control systems

High-Resolution Displays

A high resolution display can provide you with a completely engaging viewing experience. Our dynamic display options provide you full control and comprehensive variety to ensure vivid color and brilliant imagery. Milner’s selection of displays all have a high dynamic contrast ratio, fast response times and come with height adjustment features. Our experts work with you to select the display that suits your specific needs in size, definition, display technology and system requirements. 

Digital Projectors and Projection Screens

With the latest in visual equipment, Milner helps you captivate your audience with professional displays every time. With state-of-the-art digital projectors and a variety of projection screen options, we can help outfit your organization with a complete projection system. Our systems can be fully integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and equipped with the latest presentation technologies. With our cutting-edge digital projection technology, you can maximize the power of your presentations with clarity and brilliance and transform the way your business communicates.

Audio Equipment

From the latest in audio technology to noise absorption materials, Milner’s team of audio visual experts can help create the perfect acoustics for your business. Whether you need to minimize background noise in your call center, install a paging system, add soundproofing to executive offices, or amplify sound for large conferences, our experts are available to help with the planning, selection and implementation of your audio projects. By improving your acoustics and implementing the right audio equipment, you can eliminate the distracting background noise, improve the quality of communications, increase privacy and foster a more harmonious work environment.

Digital Signage

Capture the attention of your target audience with digital signage systems. Display multimedia-rich presentations, graphic images, videos and slide shows on a single digital sign or across a network of displays. With optimized, high contrast display capabilities, digital signage is perfect for office lobbies, tradeshows, conferences and other high-traffic areas.  

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