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Milner Helps Companies Lower Carbon Footprint

by K Logan | Apr 19, 2016

Norcross, GA April 19, 2016– Milner recognizes that environmental sustainability is not merely a trend, but a responsible and ethical platform on which to continue business operations and provide customers the means to do the same. Through several initiatives, Milner has brought these improvements to organizations across multiple industries.

Through its print management services, Milner has helped dozens of organizations operate existing and new printers with less power and reduce printing. Implementing their Complete Care Plus Green print management package, they've enabled environmentally-savvy organizations to access comprehensive reports of tree consumption for printing and the carbon emissions for each device. 

Milner has worked with state and local governments, health facilities and school systems to reduce the volume of paper-based records and processes. Through their innovative document management systems and batch-scanning services, Milner has converted millions of records to a safe, digital archive that provides easier access for employees, and has integrated the document systems with automated workflows and core operating software. The digital document storage also enables companies to have a smaller office footprint, reducing energy consumption in the work environment.

With digital technology continuing to expand, Milner has leveraged virtualization and cloud computing to reduce the amount of hardware required for IT environments, replacing it with virtual servers and desktops and offering Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop as a Service and other hosted services that provide access to more secure and stable network services while enhancing telecommuting options. These telecommuting options make employees as functional as possible in their home office, and help companies dramatically reduce reducing pollution created by employees driving to and from the office.

Milner is committed to supporting businesses in making sustainable choices. As businesses move towards a more dynamic work environment, for both ecological and economic reasons, our suite of products and services enable them to shrink their carbon footprint while positioning them to better meet the needs of their customers, who often demand conscientious practices.” – Charlie Gibson, Executive Vice President, Milner Inc.

Milner also offers customers a robust, “zero-landfill” recycling center, where they provide free and easy recycling of toner cartridges, cell phones and printer parts, taking necessary steps to ensure that no parts end up in landfill. To read more about Milner’s recycling program and products and services, contact them at 1-800-875-5042 or

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