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Green Initiatives

Milner is leading the way in offering environmentally friendly solutions for hardware disposal of outdated equipment. This process allows Milner to properly dispose of your obsolete equipment without further harming our landfills.

This simple process allows Milner to remove your outdated equipment and deliver it to the recycling center without having to house or rent additional facilities for storage, which keeps our cost low and allows Milner to pass the savings on to you.

By choosing Milner you can be assured that together we are making a difference in your office as well as our environment.

Milner is committed to protecting the environment. Thank you for sharing in this responsibility.

Cartridge Recycling Center

Let us do the work for you. Its easy, quick and free!

By collecting cartridges and supporting remanufactured products, Milner keeps non-renewable resources from ending up in landfills. If a cartridge cannot be reused, it is recycled into other products. Our goal is to provide the most efficient recycling program on the market.

Visit our Recycling Center to get started!