Is Your Business Stuck in the Stone Age

August 1, 2016

Is Your Business Stuck in the Stone Age

August 1, 2016

business technologyNever underestimate the impact that technology has on your business.

No matter how fast technology continues to develop, many businesses find themselves slow to adopt the new developments. You may not know about new options available your business, or perhaps you may not see any value in the technology for you.

Technology has the power to help you operate more efficiently and often more cost-effectively. When your competitors leverage technology that makes them operate more efficiently on a smaller budget, it’s going to make their position in the market stronger. It could cost you employees who are in search of more modern pastures, and it can cost customers.

Here are 5 signs your business might be stuck in the Stone Age:

  1. 1. Files are stored in filing cabinets. Files in filing cabinets mean three things: more files are lost or misfiled, a lot of redundant data entry and the need for increasing storage space.
    The alternative:
    electronic document management systems (EDMS). EDMS captures documents, reads the information on them and populates that info into your database for you. It also makes it possible to aggregate data and cuts back quite dramatically on storage space.

  2. 2. Your phones do little more than ring. The days of everyone in the office all the time are long gone – and they’re not coming back. Nonetheless, phones are still a vital form of communication, as are phones and chat options.
    The alternative: integrated communications platforms, or unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), which bring all forms of contact under one platform and allow you to better leverage mobile options so your employee’s desk phone is accessible from virtually anywhere.

  3. 3. You’re using tapes to backup your data.
    Tape drives were invented in the 1950s – and have long since been rendered obsolete. Yet, companies are still holding to the tapes, without realizing the inherent risks they pose: theft, lack of encryption, can be easily written over and are vulnerable to destruction.
    The alternative: virtualized backups or cloud back-ups. Data is encrypted, securely stored, and not subject to destruction, theft or being lost. As an added bonus, restoration can happen much faster.

  4. 4. You fly people to meetings. Traveling for meetings can get pricey really quick, and it’s completely unnecessary. These kinds of meetings happen when someone needs to give a presentation, meet with a satellite office or when a phone call feels too impersonal.
    The alternative: video conferencing and collaboration. You can video yourself right into someone else’s conference room, and conduct presentations from afar quite easily. The video option also allows you to get more personal than a phone call and have a “face-to-face” – albeit virtually.

If you find that you do seem to be stuck in the technology Stone Age (or at least the 20th century), it’s okay. Focus on changing one technology that would benefit your business the most. For instance, if you don’t have a lot of travel happening, you may not be as worried about collaboration options as, say, your backup systems. On the other hand, if you have a lot of customers angry that they can’t get in touch with someone, you might want to focus first on securing a unified communications platform. Once you start taking steps toward current technology, you’ll start to see an immediate difference in the way your business runs.


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