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Accounts Payable Workflow

Milner Technologies’ Accounts Payable solution helps companies streamline their accounts payable processing to save time, reduce cost, and make better decisions. Growth and change make it increasingly difficult for organizations to manage their accounts payable process. An increasing number of transactions combined with greater process complexity, continual processing errors, lost documents, and rise in the cost of doing business prevent companies from making fast and efficient decisions. What’s more, manually circulating individual invoices for approval often results in processing delays that ultimately affect an organization’s ability to qualify for early payment discounts.

Automated invoice management streamlines and automates the accounts payable process. It allows your accounting staff to handle more invoices and process them with ease, while enabling employees to make better decisions faster. All invoices are captured, stored in a secure system, and automatically routed for data entry and approval.

 Process Automation Benefits:

  • Lowering Processing Costs - Image-based processes typically cost 30% less than the same paper-based processes.   Electronic solutions provide network access to documents; eliminating copying, faxing, mailing, filing and storage costs.
  • Increase Efficiency - Paperwork is automatically matched and filed electronically for easy access, eliminating piles of paper on desks and the manual matching of paper. 
  • Process Automation - Electronic routing, tracking and online approval of invoices and voucher packets enable accounts payable departments to increase efficiency. 
  • Exception Processing - Automated application of business rules allow personnel to focus on exception processing. 
  • Prompt Pay Discounts - Automated collection and processing of both paper and digital invoices, and their supporting documents, accelerate the AP entry process allowing management adequate time to manage the prompt pay decision. 
  • Reporting - Gain management control with employee productivity reporting and identify potential bottlenecks quickly. 
  • Improve audit response capabilities - Security, protection and audit-trail tracking are at the foundation of all Milner Technologies’ solutions. 

Our goal is to help your organization improve the way you manage your accounts payable process and eliminate manual, paper based processes. Milner Technologies’ Workflow Automation solutions will transform your business with dependable, easy to implement solutions.

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