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Office Phone Systems

One size does not always fit all! Milner provides phone systems and solutions from Avaya, Mitel and ShoreTel, the leading manufacturers in the marketplace. With a broad selection to draw from, we are uniquely able to consult with our customers, to develop the solution that works best for them. With solutions ranging from traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to unified communications to IP Phone Systems, we have a solution for every organization.

IP Phone Systems

Our IP phone systems span the range of hybrid systems that work with existing private branch exchange (PBX) technology to full IP phone systems.

  • Office PhonesNo capital expenses
  • No long-range planning and investment
  • Scalable phone systems
  • Integrated faxing
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Eliminate redundant and over-complicated tasks
  • Virtual phone systems can be delivered entirely through the cloud
  • Streamlined administration with simplified changes through applications
  • Immediate cost savings for many legacy phone system users
  • Hosted options, shift away from total ownership and high costs
  • Upgrades, maintenance, end-user support handled by service provider

Premise-based Phone Systems

Onsite phone systems can be a smart strategic choice, depending on the existing telephone infrastructure and desired benefits of a new system. Premise-based phone systems offer:

  • Maintain full control of your service
  • Manage onsite data center
  • Ability to leverage current investments
  • Capitalize major expenses, avoid recurring monthly operational expenses
  • Ensure compliance with security or privacy requirements
  • Support international locations where internet service is not as strong
  • Full control over communications with onsite equipment, hardware and management

Hybrid Phone Systems

Hybrid office phones provide the best of both premise-based and IP phone systems, allowing companies to leverage the features they need and omit the ones they don’t. You can outsource as much as you want and retain control where you need it or migrate all the way to the cloud on your own time.

  • Best of the IP phone features
  • Premise-based features
  • Secure and convenient cloud-based applications
  • Smooth operations between onsite and cloud systems
  • Leverage current investments
  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Access the best communications technology
  • Maintain full control of onsite system
  • Gain mobility and flexibility through virtual applications
How much are your office phone systems costing you? With the right communications solution, you can dramatically lower both capital expenditures and operational costs. Contact us for a free onsite analysis.