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The Need for Desktop & Server Management

Is your company faced with the difficult challenge of managing a multitude of desktops, devices, servers and many software applications? What about having to keep the software updated on all systems and diagnose and repair network issues? And don’t forget about having to constantly monitor and eliminate security threats. These are just some of the daily challenges that IT professionals and departments are faced with today.

Managing a system can be complex and with desktop and server management tools, Milner can provide options for busy IT professionals and organizations of any size. The key to managing your hardware and software systems is to simplify desktop and server configuration. We can help you achieve more efficient systems management through standardization, automation and optimization techniques.

Milner’s experts will work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to manage all of your platforms and devices. You will gain the benefit of a simplified, yet, fully integrated system. By creating a more efficient, automated and user-friendly environment, your company will reduce operating costs and eliminate unnecessary resources.

A customized Desktop & Management strategy designed by Milner provides:

  • Automated tracking of your software and hardware assets and configurations
  • Standard consistent network configurations
  • Increased infrastructure security
  • Ensured data security and protection by configuring software to be less susceptible to risks
  • Cloud and database performance optimization
  • Server and performance management
  • Reduced expenses by standardizing your operating system
  • More productive IT staff when updated programs and information are installed from a central location
  • Automated updating of software to eliminate the need for manual updates
  • More productive IT staff by eliminating downtime used to maintain and solve network issues
  • The ability for employees to share a common work environment with fewer interruptions
  • Integrated support at all times

So ask yourself, could your IT team be more productive if less time was spent manually configuring and updating PCs? Would your company benefit from spending less on operating expenses gained from standardization? Milner’s consultants have integrated, flexible solutions and tools to help better manage your system. Let our experts solve your complex IT challenges and turn them into benefits.