Understanding Cloud Computing

The world of technology is advancing rapidly and Cloud computing is changing how IT departments manage, store, retrieve and secure all corporate information. Cloud computing, simply put, is high-tech virtual hosting where sets of grouped resources can be stored in one place and accessed on demand. What this means is that any authorized person within your organization can access company information, software applications, emails, important files and data from anywhere there is an internet connection.

This technology is also a way for businesses to increase or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure. Resulting in reduced costs to maintain and upgrade existing systems. Cloud computing is allowing businesses to provide users access to the latest software and infrastructure offerings, enabling businesses to add IT capabilities or additional capacity when needed.

Milner’s experienced IT consultants can create a customized secure environment and a fully hosted virtual space that meets the unique needs of your company. We will establish the best solutions for the Cloud to be aligned to your business strategies while providing you greater efficiency and flexibility. We understand the benefits of Cloud computing and can help you navigate the Cloud environment. Our experts can help you take advantage of all the benefits from virtual hosting.

Benefits of virtual hosting may include:

  • Reduced overall computing costs
  • Freedom to access data from any place using a variety of devices
  • Adherence to important computing standards
  • Higher availability
  • Automate scheduled backups
  • Remote employees have flexibility to work anywhere
  • Provide instant access to regulations and policies
  • Improve reliability and efficiency of your data center

With this emerging technology, there are also new areas of concern. Milner has the tools in place to provide our clients piece of mind, while providing data security and ensuring quality. Our servers have managed firewalls and will automate backups, which will eliminate companywide viruses and loss of valuable information. Your data will be hosted on a highly secured and dedicated server space. Designating who can access to your valuable information and what information can be accessed will be specified by your company. Cloud computing will provide your company complete control of valuable company information and data.

The Cloud will give your company more control by:

  • Having the ability to collect and maintain all your businesses information in one virtually hosted space
  • Being able to designate who has access to what information
  • Allowing small and mid-size companies to benefit from sophisticated technology only previously used by extremely large organizations

We can help you recognize the need for Cloud computing and determine if this is the best technology solution for your company. Allow Milner to handle your IT needs so you can focus on growing your business.