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MPS Program Options

Aside from our thorough and collaborative approach with all stakeholders, Milner offers an array of MPS options to fit customer needs:

Care Plus

Purchase toner from Milner and receive a discount when service is needed. Milner guarantees the toner and will replace any toner that fails to render the desired output quality.

Complete Care

A comprehensive program that includes managing, servicing and supplying toner for all devices under an MPS contract. If Milner can’t fix a downed machine, we will replace it at no cost. Fleet management software is also included allowing customers to monitor toner levels on all tracked machines and it can also be configured to automatically send service alerts when a problem is detected. Additionally, meter collection is automated, so billing is simplified with cost-per-page charges for every covered device and a complete history of output volumes and utilization history is maintained.

Complete Care Plus

This program offers all the features, benefits and advantages of Complete Care in addition to a complete assessment of printing requirements and workflow by departments and users. Also, as your business grows, so will your printing requirements. Complete Care Plus includes adding printers at no additional cost other than the contracted cost-per-page rate.

Complete Care Plus GREEN

An MPS program that adds an environmental element using software analytics to assess and provide a comprehensive report of how many trees would be harvested to meeting your company’s printing requirements and will also determine Co2 emissions and power consumption by device. More energy efficient and lower cost of ownership devices would be recommended or deployed. And a recycling program for spent toner cartridges would be implemented.

Milner MPS professionals will work with your business and recommend the right program based on your objectives.