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Approach & Methodology

Milner’s approach to MPS is working with the significant investments your company has already made in printers and multi-function printers. There’s no need to turn your company upside down by unnecessarily replacing equipment you already have.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the equipment currently in use including utilization and print volumes by device, and by talking with users about what they have, what they need and what they want.

Implementing an MPS program doesn’t have to be disruptive, but it does represent a cultural shift in behavior that can be challenging. The better management and staff understand the key drivers that benefit an MPS initiative the better chance a company has a realizing the greatest quantifiable savings with no loss in productivity.

Interviewing users during the assessment and discovery process is critical. Employees can be very territorial when dealing with the prospect of losing a convenient but very expensive personal inkjet in their office. The Milner assessment will layout the strengths and benefits of the Milner MPS approach and works with customers to tailor a solution that fits the culture and the savings objective outlined.