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Managed Print Services

Where does the money go?

Managing business expenses to optimize profit without sacrificing product and service quality, and equipping employees with the tools they need is a delicate balance. Some operating expenses are obvious. Others - like printing expenses - go unchecked with bottom line consequences. Many companies are spending 2% or more of company revenue on unmanaged printing expenses according to InfoTrends, a worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry.

Milner is a leading provider of Managed Print Services (MPS) for businesses of all sizes. We adopted a practical approach to MPS years ago that differentiates Milner from other office products dealers and manufacturers—we work with what you have. Many dealers and manufacturers take a self-serving approach to MPS by proposing you implement an MPS program using only their equipment. This approach will result in saving over time, but why wait to save?

Milner’s pioneering work in developing a customer-centric MPS practice was recognized by the Managed Print Services Association as the #1 MPS provider in our key markets of Georgia, North Carolina and south Florida. Nationwide, Milner has over 14,000 output devices under MPS management and service agreements.