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Unified Communications

 Unified Communications provides a suite of tools and services designed to integrate communication tools and simplify the way you communicate throughout your organization. These tools maximize employee availability, modernize customer communications and make collaboration a breeze, while simplifying installation, maintenance and upgrades. 

Unified Communications provides communication solutions that can integrate your communications across multiple channels and platforms such as:
  • Desk phones
  • Mobile devices
  • Email clients
  • Instant messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Presence information
  • Standard calendar applications
  • Audio and video web conferencing
  • Core business software, like CRMs
  • Cloud-based IP phone systems
  • Contact centers 

Unified Communications Provides Unprecedented Freedom, Flexibility & Integration

Unified CommunicationsPremise-based or hosted. Scale your systems the way you want – whether you want your own hardware and manage communications on site or you want to outsource everything completely.

Budget-conscious. Through Unified Communications as a Service options, you use our hardware – so no big cash outlays are required. You can turn it into an operational expense and forgo the commitment.

No more landlines. No matter where you are, you can access the full suite of communications tools. Stay in touch with customers, collaborate with colleagues and access integrated software tools from anywhere, anytime.

Scalable growth. Let your phone solution grow at your pace, without pressure or expensive upgrades.

“BYOD”. Safely enable “bring your own device” policies while protecting valuable company data and networks through safe mobile phone integration practices.

User-friendly options. Instant messaging, desk phones, email integration and call forwarding are intuitive to use, allowing employees to maximize their productivity in and out of the office.

With core software. Track and measure customer relationships, business resources and costs with total integration into core software applications, like customer resource management, enterprise resource tools and accounting software.

True communications integration. Instant message from remote locations, access voicemail from your email, or video conference from a mobile phone…your communication tools work in harmony to ensure you get the message quickly, easily and in the way you prefer it.

Communications should enhance, not hurt, productivity. Not sure if your phone systems are up to the challenge? Contact us for a free onsite consultation. 
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