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Hosted Phone Solutions

Simplify your phones with cloud VOIP

Hosted phones are a lot like cloud computing, as it is a hosted solution or “software as a service” (SaaS) for your phone. The cloud offers organizations the opportunity to leverage the latest technologies without the expensive capital outlay that was once associated with these upgrades. 

Hosted IP Phone systems leverage cloud technology so organizations can subscribe to affordable monthly services that provide the cloud Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems. Instead of purchasing, installing and maintaining an entire phone system, you can gain full access to a broader range of telecommunications options than you may have been able to leverage without the cloud. As a hosted VOIP vendor, all you have to do is pick up the phone – and we handle the rest.

Cloud VOIP comes with a host of benefits, particularly for smaller businesses and agile corporations who want to keep their overhead costs down, minimize capital expenditures and safely leverage employee’s existing assets.

IP phone systemsReduces costs. Without expensive capital investments, a hosted phone solution can provide organizations with an affordable, predictable monthly cost.

Eliminates IT hassle. Hosted VOIP take the maintenance and administration of your phone systems out of your internal IT department and into the service provider’s hands, so your team can focus on your core business needs.

The latest in unified communications. With a cloud VOIP solution, you can easily take advantage of the latest communications technologies with a few simple clicks – no more messy installs or costly upgrades.

Minimal downtime. When your service is in our hands, we keep you running 24/7/365 so you can stay online and available for customers around the clock.

Mobile flexibility. With a hosted IP phone system, your staff can stay connected to your core communications system wherever they are, giving your organization the power of unity and the flexibility and freedom of mobility.

Contingency plans. Whether a disaster strikes or the call volume gets too heavy, a cloud-based phone system allows you to have contingency plans in place that allow call forwarding and routing to keep things running smoothly. 


Hosted VoIP is a cost effective way to acquire PBX-caliber features you are accustomed to without the risks and challenges faced with managing your own network. In addition, hosting is an excellent solution for smaller businesses to acquire a VoIP system through outsourcing (hosting) without the capital expenditure associated with a premise based phone system.

Hosted telephony will provide your company a way to extend consistent voice communication services to all of your employees regardless of where they are. A simple network-based voice telephone communication system can help manage your network more efficiently, improve productivity, integrate remote employees and reduce costs. Internet Protocol (IP) telephony will allow you to transmit high-quality voice communications over your network reliably and securely. And employees will be able to communicate using almost any device or media.

Utilizing advanced features and capabilities, Milner’s hosted telephony systems will enable you to achieve better communications throughout your organization and beyond. The benefits of having a unified communication system are:

  • Combined voice and internet services
  • Support growth with a flexible, scalable system
  • Reduced costs over current phone system
  • Ease of managing multiple locations with geographic mobility
  • Improved customer responsiveness and support
Be ready to scale up or down at a moment's notice with a more flexible communications infrastructure. Give your organization all the benefits of feature-rich phones without the cost. Contact us about our hosted phone solutions.
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