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Hosted Telephony

You may have heard the term ‘Hosted VoIP’ but what does it really mean? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) represents the successor for traditional telephony. While many businesses still use traditional telephony methods, communication networks are moving to VoIP which give businesses the ability to integrate voice communications and data networks. VoIP eliminates the limitations of conventional telephony and brings greater efficiency and substantial cost savings on long distance, network operations, maintenance and upgrades.

Hosted VoIP is a cost effective way to acquire PBX-caliber features you are accustomed to without the risks and challenges faced with managing your own network. In addition, hosting is an excellent solution for smaller businesses to acquire a VoIP system through outsourcing (hosting) without the capital expenditure associated with a premise based phone system.

Hosted telephony will provide your company a way to extend consistent voice communication services to all of your employees regardless of where they are. A simple network-based voice telephone communication system can help manage your network more efficiently, improve productivity, integrate remote employees and reduce costs. Internet Protocol (IP) telephony will allow you to transmit high-quality voice communications over your network reliably and securely. And employees will be able to communicate using almost any device or media.

Utilizing advanced features and capabilities, Milner’s hosted telephony systems will enable you to achieve better communications throughout your organization and beyond. The benefits of having a unified communication system are:

  • Combined voice and internet services
  • Support growth with a flexible, scalable system
  • Reduced costs over current phone system
  • Ease of managing multiple locations with geographic mobility
  • Improved customer responsiveness and support